You Are
Not Alone.

RISE brings together individuals and families who have found themselves in the heartbreaking situation of having lost a spouse, life partner, and parent.

Welcome to RISE

Our mission is to support and connect widows and widowers in the Jewish Community. RISE is a bridge of comfort, compassion, and practical and emotional support between widows, widowers, their families, and the community at large.


Your journey is unique. Join our community in a variety of
ways based on your comfort level and individual needs.
Some of our Community Highlights


Register to exchange ideas, advice and to gain and give support.


Build personal relationships at our local events.


Coming Soon: dedicated Shidduch Profile section.


Books, articles, videos and pointers for guidance and inspiration.

Services and Support

It’s not easy being the sole parent and breadwinner.
Browse our individualized services in your area. New locations coming soon!

Parental Services

Peer support and consultation with educators and parenting experts.

Bereavement Services

Experienced therapists  for adults and children as well as bereavement support groups.

Financial Services

Financial aid as well as linkage to professional financial guidance and advice.

Technical Services

Partnering with you to provide practical aid in areas based on your individual needs.

How Can I Get Involved?

Be it with a donation, emotional support, or practical aid, your contribution strengthens our community.


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