Who We Are

If you are a widow or widower, you don’t need to face your challenges alone anymore. At RISE, our mission is to hold your hand—every step of the way—and help you achieve a normal life again.

Because You’re Never Alone

One Day at a Time

Our services are designed to help you with the challenges you face every single day. That means we offer individualized programs to fit the needs of each and every member of your family.

It's About Family

We understand that for you, family is everything. That’s why we work to empower every parent, helping to create the infrastructure you need to rebuild a strong and healthy dynamic for your home and family. Our child based services also directly benefit you as a parent and the family as a whole.

We've Got Your Back

As part of our network, you will have access to a forum of others like you, as well as information and updates from around the globe.

Attention to Detail

We are here to serve as a resource to you, providing you with helpful information and connecting you to a network of professionals that can address your concerns. Our case manager will work with you on a personal basis to answer your questions and address your needs. We will also advocate for you in any venue necessary, working on your behalf to ensure that your needs are met.
We Seek to address a vital need in the Jewish Community

Connecting through common issues:

We understand that you are grappling with powerful and overwhelming emotions; feelings of loss, anxiety, and the enormous void left by your loved one. Your feelings are valid and real. We will hold your hand and help you cope with these emotions, empowering you with the tools of resilience to get you through this crisis.

At RISE, we can help you over the hurdles, one at a time:


Surmount the Stress:

We know you are trying to deal with your children, your finances, and the loss of a loved one all at the same time. You are also trying to figure out how to move on, how to deal with well-meaning family and friends, and how to put on a brave face when on the inside, you feel as if you are falling apart. Let us help you find strategies to minimize the stress in your life during this time. Together, we can overcome.

Finding Solutions to Your Finances

We understand that your financial situation is overwhelming and difficult to manage. You may have lost a significant source of income, and you may also have old expenses that are not covered. There may have been new expenses incurred because of events surrounding the loss of your loved one, as well as projected expenses due to the new family dynamic. You may be confused about insurance policies, be wondering about bills you don’t know about, and experience confusion about how to navigate a financial system that is foreign to you. Let us help you find solutions to manage your finances and stop the overwhelming tide of questions. Together, we can find the answers.

Get Help for Home Management

Running your home single-handedly feels like an impossible task. After all, how can one person be everywhere all the time? A home requires attention to so many details, including daily errands, food, toiletries, meals, house-keeping, childcare, repairs, and any unexpected issues that crop up. You don’t need to go it alone. Let us help you with keys and resources to juggle all the needs of your home.

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